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O Canada House Bed and Breakfast

Inn History

O' Canada House was built in 1897 and here Ewing Buchan would pen one of the first English versions of Canada’s National Anthem in 1908. A century later in 1997, O' Canada House would be awarded the prestigious “City of Vancouver Heritage Award of Honour” for the outstanding refurbishment of its Queen Anne-style exterior and lavish interior.

O' Canada House was saved from the wrecking ball in 1995 by its history, architecture, and notable heritage home restorers, James Britten and Michael Browne. When Britten and Browne learned of O' Canada House and its architectural and historical importance, they jumped at the chance to restore such a noteworthy home.

Restoring The Glory of The House

To restore O' Canada House to its natural glory, the wrap-around porch and original roofline were replaced; 40 double-hung windows were rebuilt; period doors were sought out and installed; and exterior siding and trim replaced, repaired and repainted. For the interior, the custom-made Victorian carpet was imported from France, turn-of-the-century tiles were bought for the kitchen and bathrooms, and the house was filled with a stunning collection of Victorian antiques. Britten and Browne sought to maintain the original late Victorian ambiance, charm and warmth of Buchan’s era while introducing the conveniences required by modern travelers.

Preserving The Natural Warmth and Light

The Dining Room and Parlour are exceptional testaments to Britten and Browne’s restoration skill. Grand fireplaces form the focal point for each room. A full wall of windows in each room keeps both the Dining Room and Parlour naturally lit. Having breakfast as the sun blossoms in the Dining Room is a truly fantastic start to your morning.

Experience The Victorian Splendor

O' Canada House was recognized by the City of Vancouver, earning the 1997 Top Heritage Award for Interior and Exterior Restoration thanks to Jim Britten and Mike Browne’s outstanding dedication. Come stay at O' Canada House and experience Victorian splendor for yourself.

Guest Review

Beautifully restored 1897 property. Antique furniture throughout with each bedroom being decorated differently. A warm, cozy, relaxing atmosphere has been created within the whole property. Front and back garden areas soothing to sit in. The kitchen area is open at all times for guests to partake in hot and cold drinks along with homemade baked biscuits and cakes. A wonderful served breakfast is provided in a beautifully presented dining room. All of this is inclusive in the price which was extremely reasonable. In a nice part of downtown Vancouver in a leafy street and close to shops. Very highly recommend. I did not dislike one thing.
~ Roger K

O' Canada House B&B

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1114 Barclay Street
Vancouver, Canada V6E 1H1